Interactive Workshop on Quality Assessment and Enhancement(of virtual education)

The method was developed in a joint Erasmus+ project targeting towards more flexible, comprehensive and collaborative quality assurance process. The workshop introduces the method, processes and tools which are intended for degree program and higher education evaluation, as a complement for weighty and ponderous accreditations. The innovativeness of the process lies in the collaborative model of quality assurance that is to complement accreditations and existing quality assurance systems. The approach promotes and strengthens the universities' cooperation in quality assurance while designing and piloting new kind of continuous, accessible, cooperation based model, tools and a virtual platform supporting so called cross-sparring between institutions. Cross-sparring is to be understood as a process to make feedback more collaborative, concrete and objective, thanks to critical, but discreet brainstorming sessions, where strategies can be discussed, repeatedly contributing to the quality assurance with a critical external view.
This approach is beneficial both for the institution evaluated, which will get a more objective view on its strengths and potential improvements, and for the sparring partner which may identify best practices that can be useful for his own institution but it is applicable also for many types of education, like virtual education.

(1) To learn a method and process of self-evaluation based on development in an Erasmus Project on Quality Assurance and Enhancement Marketplace for Higher Education Institutions.
(2) To experience self-evaluating based on selected criteria in practice.
(3) To find improvement actions by learning from colleagues.

Ph. D. Markku Karhu Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finlandia

Target audience
Directors, Heads of Departments and Units, Managers, Officers, Coordinators and other members of staff responsible for Quality Management, Assurance and Enhancement in their institution. All educators are welcome to participate.

Lugar de celebración
Católica del Norte Fundación Universitaria. Medellín (Colombia)

Información adicional
Este workshop se realizará el viernes 27 de octubre, con una duración aproximada de dos horas. El aula se dará a conocer en el programa del evento.

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