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CuBIT Laboratory

You are in the CuBIT Laboratory Web Site, Welcome!. In this Web Site you can find information about us, our research lines and the Events that we organize or collaborate. Also you can find usefull bibliographic information and you can use the Cubit Tools. We hope you have an interesting visit and Best Regards.

The Software Measurement Laboratory, CuBIT, was founded at the Computer Science Department, University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain in October 2008 by Prof. Dr. Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego and is currently directed by Prof. Marian Fernández de Sevilla. CuBIT is an official Research Laboratory of the University of Alcalá with the identification code CCTE2008/R08. The name CuBIT proceed to the Egyptian and Mesopotamian Cubit unit, which were used in the 3rd millennium B.C. and are the earliest known units used by ancient peoples to measure length.

CuBIT has two main Research lines, first is about Software Functional Size Measurement, especially centered in the study of IFPUG and COSMIC units. The second is about Software Pojects Management especially centered in the study of Sofware Projects Planning and Scheduling and Software Projects Tracking. Nevertheless CuBIT research interests include other aspects of Computer Sciences like Computer Sciences Education.

CuBIT has done very important efforts to transfer its research results into the Industry, and in the last years has develop strong relationships with some of the principal Software Development and Telecomunications Companies in Spain, with which the CuBIT has signed different Consultancy and Research agreements. Also, the CuBIT has research collaboration agreements with the Software Measurement Laboratory, SML@b, of the Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Fakultät für Informatik, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg, Germany; and the Software Engineering Research Laboratory, GÉLOG, of the École de Technologie Supérieure, Université du Québec, Montreal, Canada.

NEW: Prof. Alain Abran has published a very interesting new book on software measurement: Software Metrics and Software Metrology.