2007, Italy


The official Web site for ONTOSE 07 is ready.

Following the success of its first edition in 2005, the Second Workshop on Ontology, Conceptualizations and Epistemology for Software and Systems Engineering (ONTOSE'07) aims at serving as an open forum for discussion, reflection and presentation of research results regarding the disciplines of Systems and Software Engineering. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Ontology and formal ontology representations of Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Information Systems.
  • Studies and essays about metrics, indicators and general issues regarding research on Software and Systems Engineering.
  • Conceptualizations, bodies of knowledge or schemas for SE or SWE representation.
  • Applications that deal with representations of concepts and relations of the disciplines.
  • Social, psychological and organizational issues about the disciplines.

The option of on-line discussion for participants that can not travel to Italy in the days of the WS will be made available.

A presentation on the group organizing ONTOSE'07 can be downloaded here.


A couple of photos from the first edition can be found here:

[Photo 1] (left to right) Olavo Mendes (Univ. du Québec), Salvador Sánchez, Elena García (Univ. Alcalá), Alain Abran (Univ. du Québec), Andreas Gelhert (Univ. Dresden), Miguel-A. Sicilia (Univ. Alcalá), Gianluca Colombo (Univ. Milano) and Anne Comer (Univ. Sunderland)

[Photo 2] (left to right) Juan-José Cuadrado (Univ. Alcalá, Spain), Daniel Rodríguez (Univ. Reading, UK) and Alain Abran (Univ. du Québec, Canada)

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