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In this page you can find the functional measurement tool software COSMIC-FFP.

Trough this tool you can calculate the CFSUs(Cosmic Functional Size Unit) of any aplication.

Cosmic-ffp was established to provide more accurate methods for estimating and measuring software features that are equally reliable for all types of the same, under the following requirements:

  1. Knowing the functional size of software as an important component of the measurement and characteristics that are necessary.
  2. To estimate the size requirements of the software as a step to calculate project costs.



Measuring Functional Software with COSMIC

Then begin using the application:


Events and functional processes
Data group
Functional subprocesses


1.Identification of events and functional processes

Identifier Event Functional Process

Introduce event

Introduce functional process

2.Identification of data group

Identifier Data Group Functional Process

Introduce data group

Associate functional process

3.Identification of functional subprocesses

Identifier Subprocesses Type Functional Processes

Introduce subprocesses

Belongs to functional process