Decision-making in Software Engineering

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During the last few years, a large number of researchers from the software engineering discipline are focusing on applying computational intelligence techniques such as searching heuristics, data mining or statistics to their research. Problems such as planning and decision making in software engineering, finding patterns of defective modules, effort estimation, test case generation, knowledge extraction, etc. can be reformulated using a set of techniques under the umbrella of soft-computing which includes searching and optimization meta-heuristic techniques, data mining, fuzzy logic, probabilistic techniques such as Bayesian networks (probabilistic graphical models). These techniques, already used extensively in other areas, are incrementally being applied in software engineering.
The objective of this workshop is to steer discussion and debate on the application of such computational intelligence techniques to the software engineering field in its widest sense as well as to open research directions in this field.


There is la large number of decisions during the development and maintenance of any software system. For a project to be successful project managers need first to estimate effort and size as accurately as possible, different architectures and designs need to be evaluated, etc. During coding and testing there are also multiple decisions on intermediate artefacts. Soft-computing can help with the decision making process based on the information available (for example, estimation and planning of projects) or with the generation of artefacts (for example, automating the test case generation).
This workshop focuses on how soft-computing techniques can help with decision making process in all areas related to software engineering. Currently, there are multiple repositories of project data that can be used for estimation or corroboration of project management decisions. Furthermore, modern development environments allow us to collect large amount of data during the executing of a project for real-time decisions. The extraction of information from such large datasets or repositories is not however free of problems and how to deal with such problems is another topic of interest of this workshop.

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There is no need for original work (the objective is to create a forum of discussion). All submissions will be published through JISBD-SISTEDES. Maximum paper length should not exceed 12 pages using LNCS template.

There is also an associated special issue in the International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications together with an open call and only original work can be considered for those papers. For more information:

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8 Septiembre 2009, Hotel Costa Vasca

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